Homemade chocolate and peanut butter protein bars! 

Hi guys!

I created these yesterday and was amazed with how they turned out! They are packed with protein and chocolate peanut flavour so are great for snacks during the day or after a workout. Plus although they are small they are super filling and heavy so a small bar fills you right up. They totally taste the same as naked bars but are way more filling and affordable!


250g of peanut butter 

3 tbsps of honey

90g of oats

4 scoops of chocolate protein powder

1tbsp of cacao powder 

2-5 tbsps of water


Firstly you’ll need to measure your peanut butter and honey and microwave in a plastic bowl for 30 seconds and mix.

Next measure all the rest of the ingredients in a bigger bowl and add the liquid mixture. Mix thoroughly and add as much water as necessary to combine the ingredients. The mix should be stiff and dough like.

Place the mixture in a square tin and push down hard with a fork. These are really filling and heavy so a thin layer is best. 

Place in fridge for half an hour and you’re good to go!

I cut them in to small bars and wrap them individually to take to the gym. 

Let me know if you try them! 

Lauren x


Tips for getting “beach body” ready…

Now before I start, let me just say, if I had to run and be on a beach tomorrow that would be fine. At the end of the day who gives a shit what we look like when we’re having fun on holiday right? Everyone needs to embrace and love their own bodies. But at the same time, if your anything like me, you want to be in extra fine shape when you hit the sand. 

It’s just over a month till I jump on  a plane, and to be fair I have been exercising pretty regular over the last few months. But these last couple of weekends have been out eating loads of junk and piling on a few pounds and now I’m in panic mode. So these are a few rules I’m going to (try) stick by from now on…

1. Don’t eat after nine o’clock

I find it so hard not to snack while I’m binge watching Netflix at night. Those biscuits are calling my name. But eating late means you don’t work it off or digest it properly. So try and get your meals earlier.

2. Up your water intake.

I’ve recently invested in a filter bottle which encourages me to drink plain water instead of sugary drinks. It also makes exercise more effective and leaves you feeling full. 

3. Get into a routine.

Plan plan plan. If you plan your workouts you’re more likely to actually do them. Also making a weekly routine means you target every body area and things don’t get repetitive. Mine currently is:

Monday- Core and arms

Tiesday – Yoga 

Wednesday- Run

Thursday- Yoga

Friday- Bum and legs 

Saturday- Rest day

Sunday- Full body workout

4. Cook from scratch

‘Easy food’ is the stuff  that’s usually full of crap. Things like ready meals, takeout, Pizza, jar of sauces are all high in sugar and saturated fat. Cooking things from scratch allows you know what’s actually in your food. 

5. Walk more.

Whether it’s taking the stairs instead of the lift. Walking the long way to work. Getting off a bus stop earlier. Staying active will have a big impact and every little bit helps right?

So there are my tips for now. If you are going away have a great time! If you have any other tips let me know!

Lauren xx

8 tips to getting Health and fitness motivation…

Not gunna lie, the past week I’ve pigged out. Crisps, cake, bacon. Yum. The reason was mainly down to boredom, I’ve been on my own all week and the wifi broke (the horror) so all I had to do was stuff my face. 

And then the next day you feel so guilty and unhealthy. Having that much crap didn’t suit me and I was desperately craving my avocado lunches and the smug feeling after a day of eating healthy. But that never lasts and I’m back to craving chocolate after my dinner. 

But the suns out today and in three months I’ll be heading to Vegas so now is the time I need to start working on my summer body so here’s some tips I’m gunna try and stick to to motivate myself.

1. Aim for 8 glasses of water

I’m so bad for not drinking enough during the day and then wonder why I’m tired and have headaches. There are apps that help you track how many you have, including plant nanny which grows a little plant every glass you drink. Try different drinks to encourage yourself, including fruit juices to also get some added vitamins. 

2. Read magazine articles

Women’s health or Cosmo are good ones to go to. They offer the best tips and make you actually believe you can achieve your goals. It also shows you how to mix it up a bit, different workouts and recipes.

3. Try a new workout

I don’t know about you but the thought of doing the same run or circuit every day is bleak. Trying new workouts adds some excitement to our exercise. If you haven’t tried yoga, grab a mat. If you’re new to jogging grab your shoes and get some fresh air.

4. Try one new healthy food a week

When I was younger I detested fruit and veg and all things healthy. I nearly died if a pea made its way on to my plate. But now I’m more willing to try new things. And after trying avocados I’m absolutely addicted.

5. Make a weeks plan

Don’t set your goals too high, like doing a 10k run every night isn’t going to happen. But make a realistic plan of exercise and food for the week ahead and stick to it. If you’ve wrote it down your more likely to do that workout than put it off for another time.

6. Get nice workout clothes

Ah, I wish it was socially acceptable to wear gym stuff all day everyday. It’s so comfy and flattering. When your have nice sexy gym gear your more likely to want to put it on and head to the gym to show it off. Treat yourself to Beyoncés new range in topshop or some fab printed yoga pants.

7. Make healthy food you’ll actually like

There is no point forcing rabbit food down your throat just because you think you have to. There are so many healthy but tasty recipes out there that are good for you and don’t taste of cardboard! Don’t torture yourself! 

8. Reward yourself for hard work

If you’ve stuck to your weeks plan all week, sweated your ass off in the gym and limited yourself to two kitkats, then treat yourself. Whether it be a pamper day or a takeout or a lie in. Everyone needs to relax and indulge from time to time. Knowing that pizzas waiting for you on Friday night is enough to get through those extra squats.

I hope this has given you some motivation and determination! If you’re anything like me you’re needing any encouragement you can get to prise yourself off the sofa.

Like and comment, let me know any other tips.

Lauren xx 

Favourite workout accessories…

It’s that time of the year where we’re all getting ready to start working for that summer body. I’m all for the whole ‘you don’t need any equipment ‘ exercise approach, all you really need is motivation. But for those of us who love to have all the latest things to help us along and get us all geared up to sweat, here’s my favourite fitness accessories I’m loving at the moment.

Women’s Health Magazine

This is my first time buying  this magazine and I bloody love it. I haven’t even finished reading it yet, it’s rammed full of tips, workout routines, recipes, advice plus beauty tips and other general magazine goodness. I was apprehensive of the price but it’s worth every penny. It’s like a little book. And the workouts are perfect to keep coming back to. And the recipes. Love.

This is Yoga – Tara Stiles 4 DVD box set

I’m not all for exercise DVDs if I’m honest. I mean, that’s what youTubes for right? But I invested in this when I had no wifi in my accommodation and it was a life saver. Plus this box set has every kind of yoga workout plus a pose guide. Head to Amazon for a cheap buy.

Resistance bands 

I don’t use these as much as I should but they are great for helping stretch those muscles. They also can be used in a workout, look online for some inspiration. Use the band against the muscle you want to work as an effective and less sweaty workout.

Gym gloves

As soon as I started lifting weights my hands when to shreds. Especially us girls who don’t want peeling blistered hands. They don’t need to be expensive, just make sure you protect those hands. They also help your hands stop slipping.

Yoga mat strap 

As well as the obvious, this can also double up as a tool in yoga, helping you practice those poses where you can’t… Quite… Reach.

Phone exercise arm band

Have you ever wanted to listen to some tunes in your workout, shove your iPod down your bra and when it slips down you have that awkward rummage happening. Well yeah. Here you go. Plus you can also use tracking apps such as strava to monitor your workout. 

Seed shot

This may sound a bizarre accessory but seriously, it’s a fab alternative to shoving donuts in your face post sweat. These are low calorie and contain healthy seeds and dried fruit, with a tasty twist. Yum.

That’s it for now! Hope this motivates you to get your sweat on!

Let me know what you think or  any other accessories I can get my hands on.

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Lauren xx

Spring workout playlist!

First of all let me say a big thankyou to those that have followed me, as I’ve now reached over a 100 followers! It’s crazy to think people actually want to read what I post! 

I thought I’d just do a quick post on the music I listen to during a workout, or when I just want a little party in my bedroom haha! 

  • Get ugly – Jason Derulo
  • Work – Rihanna
  • Girls like – Tinnie Tempah ft. Zara Larson
  • Do it again – Pia Mia
  • Cheap thrills – Sia ft. Sean Paul
  • Chunky – Format B
  • Cake by the Ocean – DNCE
  • Nothing like this- Blonde ft. Craig David
  • Where are you now – Justin Bieber
  • Team – Iggy Azealea 
  • Work from home – Fifth Harmony
  • Rinse and Repeat – Riton
  • Intoxicated – Martin solveig 
  • Antenna – Fuse ODG
  • Freak of the week – Krept and Konan ft jeremih 
  • Best is yet to come – love bug  

Hope these give you some motivation to hit the mat or grab your running shoes.

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Lauren x

5 minute workout – Bum

So I’ve got another 5 minute workout for you and this time it’s all about those bum muscles!

Let’s be honest, the best way to work your bum is to squat your heart out but here’s an alternative if you get bored.

When you get stronger you can up the sets and duration of each exercise. We’ll all be kardashian level in the ass department soon.


40 seconds- Sumo squat


I’m sure you know how to squat but with this one you want to get nice and low, bringing your arms together in front of you as you go down. Remember to keep your back straight.

20 seconds – rest

40 seconds- Glute raises

  20 seconds on each leg

On all fours extend one leg back straight, then curl to your chest. Make sure to keep your body central and to not lean on one side.

20 seconds- rest

40 seconds-  jumping squats


This is actually quite fun. This time take your squat to the floor, and as you go back up push with your feet to jump. Don’t give up halfway!

20 seconds rest

40 seconds – single leg deadlift


This one is more tricky due to balance than anything else. Go slow at first and hang on to a wall or chair if needed. Bend one leg behind you and bend forward towards the floor. Use a weight if you have one.

20 seconds rest

1 minute- Bridge leg raises


If you’re new to these exercises, a bridge alone might be enough to engage those muscles. But to really work that bum raise one leg and lift knee to chest. Lower but don’t touch the floor. Do 30 seconds on each leg.

And we’re done!

You’ll be definitely feeling this the next day. Remember to adjust the workout to your own needs. 

Let me know what you think, and what else you’d like to see!

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Lauren x

5 minute workout… Abs 

Hi guys! 

So I’m going  to start a series of posts for quick workouts that you easily fit into your busy schedule. They can be for if your not in the mood for heavy gym session, for if you’re super busy and haven’t  got time for a long sweaty workout, or if you just want a quick fix that you can fit in everyday. 

My first one is for abs, because I think abs are the area that sometimes get neglected and missed out at the gym. It’s sometimes about just knowing the moves that will help work those ab muscles.

This routine is five minutes long and I’ve encorparated easy and advanced variations for you to progress to. If you’re feeling brave you can do the set more than once, or even up the duration of each exercise. Use this as a start to your workout. 


1 minute: Plank  

Easy- full time plank on palms with arms extended

Advanced- dolphin plank on forearms 

This will fire up your abs to begin the workout. If you struggle have a quick break in the middle.

20 second rest

40 seconds: heel taps


Touch each heel, making a slight crunch with your abs. Rock from side to side tapping each heel. For more advanced lift yourself up higher.

20 seconds: rest

40 seconds: flutter kicks


Without touching the floor, alternate raising and lowering each leg. For more advanced lower legs.

20 seconds: rest

40 seconds: Russian twists 


Raise legs off floor with slight bend in knee. Twist body side to side. More advanced straighten legs.

20 seconds: rest 

40 seconds: toe touches


Raise legs keeping as straight as possible. Reach toes with hands in bursts. 

Now you can relax! 

Let me know what you think of this workout, if you’re going to give it a go and other workouts you’d like to see. 

Lauren x