Vegas high end makeup haul! 

Hey guys,

It’s been a few months since I came back off holiday and I’ve been meaning to share all my holiday makeup purchases.

One word… SEPHORA! 

I’m going to post some reviews soon on a few of the items but for now here’s what I got: 

Becca Jaclyn Hill Split Pallete: Champange Pop and Flowerchild

Smashbox fusion lights: baked starburst 

Mac fix+

Mac get the look pallette 

Mac pigments set

Mac Velvet Teddy, Mac Mangrove, Urban Decay Rush

Yeah I finally discovered mac and got a bit carried away….

By far my favourite purchase was the becca split palette, so pretty!! 

Let me know what else I can start saving for.

And look out for my reviews on these products soon.

Lauren x


My 10 top highstreet products!

Hi guys,

As much as I love splashing out on some gorgous high end products, most of the time my money goes on reliable brands in boots and superdrug, especially with the state of my student loan…

Anyway, some products don’t need you need to waste your money on high end, because they do a pretty damn good job anyway. So these are my favourite go to affordable products…

1. Revlon Colourstay Foundation.

So if you’ve read any of my previous posts you’ll know my absolute love for this. It’s now my only foundation that I chose over many high end products. And recently I repurchased and it now comes with a pump… Win!

2. Makeup revolution blush palette in ultra spice

So this blush palette contains 8 shades, including 2 baked shimmers. The bronze colours I also use as eyeshadow or a sort of bronzer in the summer. It’s quite pigmented and contains a range of colours.

3. Kiko Milano bronzer

I love this bronzer, it’s matte and perfect for both an all over sun kissed look, and as a contour. It’s blendable and pigmented. It also comes with a mirror perfect for in your handbag.

4. MUA shimmer highlighter

This is a recent perchase and I’ll admit, it’s not the same quality as high end products but for £3! You can’t go wrong. It’s super pigmented and easy to apply.

5. Maybelline lash sensational mascara

I’ve spoke about this a million times… Best. Mascara. EVER! And now I’ve saw a new version released with oil to nurish the lashes…

6. Revlon colour burst balm stain

I got this free in a set recently and didn’t have high hopes. But I actually love it for every day. It’s super moisturising and makes your lips look healthy. It provides the right amount of pigment perfect for a day look. Also it smells amazing. 

7. Makeup revolution lipstick in rebel with cause

I’ve had this lipstick a while and I love it. It doesn’t dry your lips and stays on well… All for a pound! 

8. Kate moss lipstick in 01 

Another absolute favourite of mine. I wear this nearly every day I love it. And it’s matte but doesn’t dry your lips.

9. MUA lip liner in caramel nougat

This is also a pound! I always pair it with the Kate moss lipstick. It may need reapplying a few times through out the day but it’s the perfect nude. 

From top: Revlon Balm Stain, Revolutoin Rebel with cause, Kate Moss Lipstick, MUA lipliner
10. Rimmel Stay Matte Translucent powder 

I do want to try a loose powder eventually but for now this is perfect and well loved as you can see. I always carry it with me for top ups throughout the day.

That’s is for now. Let me know any others I can try!

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Lauren x

Nyx soft matte lip cream (Transylvania) – Review 

I’ve been dying to do a review on this because before I bought it there were very few reviews, and they all varied so I thought I’d try it myself. Some people raved about it. Some people didn’t rate it. So this is my honest review.

Price: £5.99

Shop: Boots

Colour: Transylvania. I’ve been looking for a dark colour, I wanted a vivid dark plum shade to grunge up my outfit on a night out. It’s dark but not black, it’s slightly warm tone comes through.

Packaging: I know packaging isn’t the most important thing in the world but I wanted to include it. The tube is relatively small, with a twist cap and fluffy applicator. Although the size is handy it doesn’t look like it has that much product in. 

Smell: Caramelly sweet and pleasant. 

Application: The formula is creamy when first applied, and apples smoothly. However it becomes patchy and not dark enough so required a few coats. Also trying to get an accurate smooth line is impossible. Lip liner is a must but even with that I made a mess that stained and took all my foundation off. 

Texture: The product takes a while to dry but is very matte when it does. Only problem is it really drys your lips out so before exfoliate and moisturise.

Staying power: This is the bit I’m most disappointed with. It does not last. Granted I was out and drinking a lot but I had to apply SO MANY TIMES. And when it starts coming off it looks awful. Like your lips are bleeding and scabby. This makes reapplying hard. 

Verdict: Not worth your money. Yeah the colours great but I think they aimed for a liquid lipstick and didn’t make the mark. Higher end lipsticks are going to be a better formula I’m guessing. Good for in the day but not for long periods of time or when drinking. I think the lighter colours will be better.

Rating: 4/10
Hope you find this useful. Let me know if you’ve tried it. Also any better brands I could try?

Lauren x

Bring back red…

When I was rummaging around my lipstick collection this morning I realised that most lipsticks I wear nowadays are either nudes, Browns or pinks. Now we’re fully into spring, and summers on its way, I thought, why not add some colour? And then I found my red lipstick and gloss stash tucked away in my draw.

Red lips seem to have gone out of fashion. In the endless makeup tutorials I’ve watched in the past few months, none of them are featuring red. Has it lost its appeal? Is it tired and over done? Is nude the new go to lip?

But after I had a little play around with them I realised how much fun wearing red is. There’s something that makes you feel super glam and feminine about a red lip. You feel grown up and classy and fab. And it suits everyone.

So why don’t we bring red back? It doesn’t have to be as scary as you think. Why not go for a gloss like Smashbox gloss in disco rose or still a lip glaze in starfruit for a more subtle pop of colour? Or for a bolder sharper red add a liner like mua lip liner in brooding plum. Go for a pinky red like Barbra daleys lipstick in stylish. Or you could go for a dark red for a night out or special occasion like mua shade 8. Or go bright for summer like Ysl rouge volupte or Clinique cherry pop (below).


Let me know what you think.

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Lauren x

My fave lipsticks.

I was pondering over what to post today and I thought, why not stick with what you know. Which is lipsticks…

I do love me a good lipstick. And you’ll notice in the photo above there are no designer lipsticks. I do own a few, ysl and Estée Lauder, but they didn’t make the top picks. Probably because I love popping into superdrug that often to try a million new colours, and my student budget appreciates the low prices. That being said, for how cheap these are they are pretty amazing.

Working left to right:

Rimmel Kate Moss

The first two are ones I’ve included in a recent post, and I can’t emphasise enough how much I love them. I get so many compliments and they are just so easy to wear. Super affordable and easy to get a hold of. Shades 08 and 101.

Collection Lasting Colour

I’d been looking for the perfect brown shade for a while, and I saw this for I think around 3 pound. It’s really creamy and not too dark. I’d say using a lip liner would help in getting more definition as its soft creamy texture wouldn’t quite stay put, but I was definitely happily suprised with this. Shade Rosewood.

Barbra Daley

This is one my mom recently got for me, she obviously knows about my addiction. This range is exclusive to tesco and it was part of a Christmas set that they were selling off. It also contained a crayon and lipstick gloss, all for £1.30. Yep. But it’s such a good colour for me. Slightly red on, which is something different for me. And is quite matte which I also love. Shade stylish.

Makeup Revolution 

Now I probably don’t need to go into detail about how good these are. They’re a pound. A pound! Which is perfect when you don’t feel super guilty buying a million. This is probably my favourite ever lipstick. I love this bold purple plum shade. It compliments my light skin and it perfect to pop on for a night out or when your feeling a bit of boldness. It’s light and glides on easy. Definitely try it. Shade rebel with cause.


Now this is a lipstick I got on holiday in Turkey last year. They don’t currently sell in the uk but they do have shops in lots of other countries, so if your ever on holiday, keep an eye out . But it’s a lovely coral pink and super matte. Shade 207.

Let me know if you’ve tried any, or any others I could add.

Lauren x