Vegas high end makeup haul! 

Hey guys,

It’s been a few months since I came back off holiday and I’ve been meaning to share all my holiday makeup purchases.

One word… SEPHORA! 

I’m going to post some reviews soon on a few of the items but for now here’s what I got: 

Becca Jaclyn Hill Split Pallete: Champange Pop and Flowerchild

Smashbox fusion lights: baked starburst 

Mac fix+

Mac get the look pallette 

Mac pigments set

Mac Velvet Teddy, Mac Mangrove, Urban Decay Rush

Yeah I finally discovered mac and got a bit carried away….

By far my favourite purchase was the becca split palette, so pretty!! 

Let me know what else I can start saving for.

And look out for my reviews on these products soon.

Lauren x


Summer clothes and makeup haul!

It’s that time of year where we all rush and start buying bright summery clothes in the hope of a glimpse of sunshine. But if your lucky enough to be leaving the country you can swap the umbrellas for some shorts!

So I’ve started getting stuff in preparation for my Vegas getaway… Be prepared to see a lot of shorts.

Lace shorts- Topshop £15 

These were in the sale and are so gorgeous. They flatter me so well and the lace detail is so pretty. They can be paired with any colour top but I’m going to pair it with either black or white.

Cropped vests- Topshop 2 for £10

These are perfect easy tops to throw on on holiday. And as I’m always in high waisted jeans they’re perfect for everyday too.

Leather platform sandals- Miss Selfridge, £20

These were part of the sale at the moment and are so gorgous. Being platforms they are flat and comfy but still give you height, perfect for walking around at night. The shiny band adds something unique to the standard shoes everywhere at the moment.

White skirt – Miss Selfridge £17 

This is so heavy and good quality! I love the detail at the bottom and white goes perfect with everything. This is something completely different to my usual style. I usually only go for fitted plain styles so something girly and shaped is a nice change.

Shorts- H&M £8

More shorts. These are light jersey perfect for the day and the pattern is really quirky and funky. They do a variety of colours.

Shorts- Primark £4 each

And even more shorts. These aren’t amazing quality but it’s not like I’m going to wear them much other than on holiday. There’s so many styles and for that price you can’t go wrong.


I was desperately in need of some makeup so I had a little splurge. I needed some more of my beloved revlon foundation, which now comes with a pump! Happy days! Then I got the concealer to match. Then I got this nyx liquid lipstick I’ve been dying for this for ages… It’s actually a massive let down but I’m going to do a full review soon. Then I got a matching liner from Kiko Milano.

Boots are doing a fab offer at the moment. If you spend £15 on revlon you get this free set worth £30! It’s full of full sized products! Comes with a eyeshadow palette, liner, nail varnish and lip butter. 

So that’s it for now! Hopefully the wonderful British weather gets better so I can make use of all those shorts!

Let me know any other bargains!

Lauren x

Amazon dupes first impressions!

Hey guys!

I got so excited when these arrived  this week because I wanted to do an honest review and let you guys know whether it’s worth it. Plus I wanted to see if they lived up to my expectations, and if it was worth getting more.
So I’d read a bit about these on a few blogs and Instagram. They are by ‘Tonsee’ on Amazon, and they basically sell dupes of brushes and tools, such as real techniques brushes, beauty blenders and artis face brushes. I had my eye on a set of real techniques bold metal dupes but I thought I’d try a few first than dive into a set.

So I got the fan brush, which was just over a pound I think. When it arrived it was slightly crushed and bent in the case, but after one use it fanned out to what it should be. The bristles are so soft, and the brush is sturdy and well made. I intended on using it with highlight but ended up using it to bronze and contour. It’s so fluffy and blends really well. So chuffed with this!

Next I was desperate to see if the artis dupes held up. I got it with a brush egg, to clean my brushes, which both together were reduced to 97p. I know. I wasn’t holding out much hope for the brush. But I was so wrong. There are so many soft bristles compact that it’s like velvet on the skin and doesn’t leave any streaks. It’s quite small, so is best to blend harder areas such as under eyes and nose. Yes it’s plastic handle isn’t the most fancy ever, but really what do you expect. It does the job and I don’t see why you would pay a fortune when this is so fab. I’m definitely going to try a bigger one they have, which comes with a metal handle too. The brush egg is also fab, and is sort of standard with those products so you can’t go wrong.

They took just under two weeks to be delivered, at the start of the period they suggested. They were packaged nicely and in almost perfect conditions ( just the squashed brush). 

They do a huge range of brushes and sets for such ridiculously cheap prices it’s worth having a look for some experimenting. At the end of the day nothing is going to beat unboxing sigma or zoeva brushes, but for those who don’t want to fork out that much or like me, can’t really afford it right now, then these are perfect.

Check out Tonsee Here.

Hope this review is useful! 

Comment and let me know if you have any, or any questions.

Lauren xx

Ootd: Spring smart casual look!

I had the luxury of going shopping with my mom this weekend and ended up with a few new items to help me get into spring (if the rain ever goes away).

So this was an outfit I wore to a family birthday meal last night that I thought I’d share with you.

Firstly the jeans are my beloved miss Selfridge steffi jeans which are comfy and supportive, help suck everything in! 

Then my new top is from H&M in their coachella collection. I’ve been after a white bardot top for a while and this is so gorgous, pairing with denim shorts in summer will look awesome!

Then I have my leather jacket from forever 21. You can never go wrong with a leather jacket. They’ll always be in fashion and make every look a bit more edgy.

Then there’s my new gorgous shoes! These are really for my holiday but I couldn’t resist trying them out! They were on sale in new look and are the perfect nude heels to go with any look! A chunky heel also means I can actually walk with out breaking my neck! 

I teamed my look with my Michael Kors clutch and jewellery, a glittery smokey eye, and I didn’t have time to do anything with my hair so it’s au nateral. 

Let me know what you think!

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Lauren xx

Little Mini Haul

The reason this is a “little mini” haul is because, well, I’m very poor at the moment. Student life is a killer. But nevertheless less I went and had a little spend to make myself feel better…

Shoes – Oasis in House of Fraser £5

Oh these beautys. I’ve been looking for some of these for ages but my abnormally skinny feet means none fit. But these were the last pair in house of Fraser and were reduced to a fiver!! And they fit! They are a smaller size than I normally get which is probably why they actually fit, but for a fiver I couldn’t complain. They were originally £30. These are perfect for the spring, wearing with leggings, white jeans or maybe a skirt? Bargain.

Soap and Glory Body Mist – Boots £1.75

From one bargain to another… What can I say it’s a gift. If you have a boots locally then run! I saw these were reduced to £3 a few weeks ago and for some reason didn’t get one. Now they’re £1.75!! They smell delicious and are perfect as a day fragrance for school or work. I don’t think people have cottoned on as there are loads left everywhere I’ve been so get yours quick!

Radox feel calm shower gel – Boots £1 

I’ve recently ran out of my lush so I needed a new yummy smelling shower gel and this looked ideal. There’s a huge variety all £1 at the moment in boots. And the “calm” bit is what sold it to me.

Marks and Spencer’s Lavender and Chamomile Room spray – £5

There is a reason behind me getting this, which involves a little trip to the minor illnesses ward and day off work with chest pains. Long story short, I’ve been dealing with a lot of stress and anxiety this week which left me feeling really ill. So my mom suggested I get some lavender room spray as it’s known for relaxation. This ones smells absolutely delicious and I would recomend anyway. They have a big range and all smell amazing.

Simple Cleansing Makeup Wipes

Makeup wipes are for my lazy days where cleanser is pushed to the side. These leave your skin feeling super refreshed and soft.

Khloe Kardashian Strong looks better naked – the works £5

I included this in an earlier post this week and actually purchased it last weekend but I wanted to include it to give a little review. The kardashians have a bad rep, which to be honest is valid due to naked selfies and lack of talent. But what you can’t argue with is their exercise and health advice. And this book is exactly what you need if you need some motivating words and tips. Plus Chloe is the funny more down to earth one. The book includes a bit of a biography, motivational words, recipes, and exercise advice. Don’t judge the book by its cover… Literally!

That’s its for now. If you want to hear more about how I cope (or don’t) with stress and anxiety let me know.

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London Haul…

So on Saturday I had a day trip to London to spend all my birthday money, so i thought you could have a nose at what i got…

First was my ted baker makeup bag… Which is so gorgeous! Thought I’d treat myself, and the black glossy large wash bag is to die for. £30 in Selfridges and most department stores.

Then i treated myself to the best lipsticks, rimmel kate moss. These are shades 101 and 08.

 I also got miss selfridge jeans, £24 and a sleeveless cardigan from primark £14 which i wore on valentines day. The jeans are so comfy and flattering, if you’re looking for jeans i highly recommend these, and run quick while theyre ten pound off! 
 I finally discovered a love for hollister, and i got this hoodie £35 and tshirt &5.99.

And lastly, I couldn’t stop the inner geek potter fan in me..

  Let me know what you think! 

Lauren x