Book Review! – Caraval

Happy Easter! 

I’ve literally just finished this book so I wanted to write a review while it’s fresh in my head.

Let me start by saying… ITS AMAZING!

I’ve read some pretty good books recently but I’ve been stuck in the thriller rut which is pretty much every book in the charts at the moment. Yawn. 

I do love books that are magical and completely imaginative. I would say this book is a cross between hunger games and divergent and Harry Potter. 

Caraval is basically a magical game on a island where people play to win a prize. There’s lots of twists and turns… I don’t want to give anything away! Scarlett plays to find her sister who ends up getting involved in the game. It contains romance with suspense and magic. 

This is the authors debut novel and from what I’ve heard they are already in talks about a movie.

In the UK the book isn’t readily available in many shops apart from Waterstones. I got mine for only £5 on Amazon. Also, the hardback edition has secret covers underneath the cover slip. The cover is so pretty!

Definitely worth a read if you’re into quirky fiction. 

Let me know any other books to pick up now I’ve finished this!

Lauren x


Me before you – Book Review

Let me just start by saying, if you’re after a book to read on the beach or in your lunchbreaks, this is not the one. It’s not exactly confessions of a shopaholic.

But, having said that it is the only book I’ve been completely obsessed with for ages. The kind of book you hate to have to put down before bed. The kind that you think about for hours after you put it down.

I don’t want to give anything anyway so im going to keep it short. It follows the story of Lou, whos recenty lost her cafe job in a small town, and gets one looking after a disabled guy, Will. After an accident, Will is left almost entirely paralysed, living his life in a chair caged in his own little annex. And everything  changes when Lou arrives…

The book is coming out as a movie this year, so if you’re a book-before-the-movie person you need to get a shuffle on.

I’m not gunna lie, im not a huge fan of these “sad” books like Fault in our Stars. When I read I dont want to be sobbing so much i cant read the words. But there’s something different about this book. It’s definitely worth a read.

Just make sure you have tissues nearby.

Let me know what you think of this book.

Lauren x