How to make homemade relaxing (room/yoga mat) spray. 

Hi guys!

I’ve been so busy this weekend, seeing my family and celebrating a birthday in London. But just before all that madness I decided to attempt to make my own homemade spray. This was initially to clean my yoga mat, and I saw a YouTube video on it. But after doing a bit of research and experimenting, I ended up making a delicious spray that can be used for a number of things, including a room spray, fabric spray, cleaner or for aromatherapy use. I love choosing yummy scents, and they all have different benefits and make everything smell delicious.

You will need:

  • Spray bottles – plastic or glass doesn’t matter, just something that will create a fine mist
  • Distilled or boiled water
  • Witch hazel – this is used for its cleaning properties and is so good for the skin
  • Essential oils- one with antibacterial properties (tea tree or eucalyptus) and whatever scents you like

I used eucalyptus and vanilla in mine, but I’m trying to get my hands on lavender for its relaxing properties. I spritzed a bit of my lavender room spray in for now.

You need about 3/4 of water, 1/4 of witch hazel and then 5 drops of each of your oils.


Then boom. Spray made.

For use on yoga mats, spray and wipe with a cloth.

Let me know what scents you think would work and I hope this gives you some inspiration!

Lauren xx


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