My hair care routine


I took the plunge recently to dye my hair blonde. I mean, I was already blonde but I wanted to be blonder. But the problem with dying your hair is it means you actually have to actually start looking after it. And I’m usually so lazy. *sigh*

Anyway, I thought I’d just share the products I use, to help me try and get healthy soft hair.

For washing and conditioning I use herbal essences. Any one will do but I usually go with the coconut one because it smells yummy.

Occasionally I will use a hair mask in place of conditioner. I’ve almost finished the herbal essences one which leaves your hair silky. I also have a Mark hill one which contains argan oil for a rich treatment. I try to do these twice a week.

When blow drying I use a heat protection spray which is a must. This one is Andrew Barton and smells amazing. I also use an oil on the ends to lessen the dryness. This one is also in the Mark Hill range. 

In between dyes I’m also going to use John frieda lightening spray. I’ve been using this for years and if your looking for an alternative to dying your hair this is a must. It’s heat activated and works when you dry or style your hair. 

Lastly, I use batiste dry shampoo inbetween washes to keep me going and add some volume.

Let me know what other products I can add to my routine and what you think of these.

Lauren x


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