What’s in my travel beauty bag….

I’m just packing for a few days away in Stratford Upon Avon, so I thought I’d share what beauty stuff I’m taking with me….

Because I’m only going for a few days I’m trying to condense what i want to take. I’ve narrowed it down to these toiletries…

  • Garnier minerals deodorant – obviously deodorant is a must and this one will be sure not to mark any of my clothes
  • Simple makeup wipes – because I’m only going for a few nights I won’t be wanting to do my whole night skin routine, so makeup wipes are super quick and easy for on the go
  • Simple Face wash – travel size so perfect for travel
  • Gucci guilty perfume – for when I dress up a bit
  • Calvin Klein truth- everyday perfume 
  • Tangle teezer  
  • Razor 
  • No 7 essential moisture- I’ll use this morning and night 
  • Lush yuzu and cocoa shower gel -small and smells yummy
  • Dove colour care shampoo – I’ve recently dyed my hair blonder so this is a must. The conditioner shown is out the garner nutrisse hair dye kit

As well as this I will obviously have my makeup bag with the essentials of what I’ll need. I’ve limited myself to only one shadow palette, and then a small variety of lipsticks and glosses.


I treated myself to having my nails done yesterday, just a paint as my nails are generally in good condition. I had a French manicure so it will go with all my outfits.. And a bit of glitter. I love them and  they were only a fiver. 

I’ve also done a face mask this afternoon that I’ve got out of this months glamour magazine. They have a really good range of free products this month from the balance me range, including a eye cream and body lotion so make sure to run and get yours before they sell out! 

Hope you’re all having a lovely Easter. 

Make sure you stay posted next week as I’ll be starting a five minute workout series to start working those eggs off!

Be sure to comment below any other good travel products. 

Lauren x


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