My makeup storage…


Hey guys,

So I thought I’d do a quick midweek post on how I store my makeup. Because us girls just love to be nosey! Plus it might give you some ideas.

On my desk I have most of my makeup stored in a plastic makeup storage stand. This was a gift for Christmas but you can get them so cheap in a load of different sizes. The great thing about them is that it allows you to see everything rather than digging around in a makeup bag. Then you don’t forget any lipsticks lurking in the bottom of your bag. I keep my beloved Ted Baker bag for travelling.

This one has different size sections which is great to separate your makeup, and so you can group items together such as liners or lipglosses. It has smaller boxes at the front perfect for lipsticks.

I think this one was from Home Bargins, which probably isn’t somewhere I would’ve thought to look but it does a great job! 

I keep most of my brushes together in the silver holder. Getting bathroom containers meant for toothbrushes is great for this job, and you can get some really pretty ones.

Lastly I also have a storage box.

This is so good for keeping together all my other products such as nail varnish, beauty products or makeup I don’t use often. 

Mine is huge, with four pull out trays but you can get smaller. These are perfect if like me your a student and move around a lot. They sell them everywhere so keep your eyes peeled. 

Anyway that’s enough rambling. Let me know if you have any other storage ideas. 

Lauren x


4 thoughts on “My makeup storage…

    • lozzyfairfax March 23, 2016 / 1:16 pm

      Thankyou glad you liked it!


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