Tuesday blues.

  Tuesday’s are worse than Monday’s. Fact. Why? You’re not at the start of the week and you’re  not even half way. 

And today has been one of those days where nothing’s gone drastically bad but you’re still craving bed and endless episodes of pll. 

Do you ever have those days when you’re like whyyyyyy? Why did I get out of bed for this? Why is this person so annoying? Why is it so dark outside its supposed to be bloody March? 

I’m trying to be positive. But I’m stuck on my own on this work placement a lot, and homesick and boyfriend-sick and.. Well you get the picture. I have a serious case of feeling sorry for myself. 

But I’m gunna get in my pajamas, divulge in a box set and grab me a huge block of chocolate on the way home. It’s okay, it’s ab day tomorrow.

If you’re in a Tuesday funk, you’re not alone! I feel your pain! 

What do you do when you need cheering up? 

Here’s to Wednesday! 

Lauren x


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