5 minute workout… Abs 

Hi guys! 

So I’m going  to start a series of posts for quick workouts that you easily fit into your busy schedule. They can be for if your not in the mood for heavy gym session, for if you’re super busy and haven’t  got time for a long sweaty workout, or if you just want a quick fix that you can fit in everyday. 

My first one is for abs, because I think abs are the area that sometimes get neglected and missed out at the gym. It’s sometimes about just knowing the moves that will help work those ab muscles.

This routine is five minutes long and I’ve encorparated easy and advanced variations for you to progress to. If you’re feeling brave you can do the set more than once, or even up the duration of each exercise. Use this as a start to your workout. 


1 minute: Plank  

Easy- full time plank on palms with arms extended

Advanced- dolphin plank on forearms 

This will fire up your abs to begin the workout. If you struggle have a quick break in the middle.

20 second rest

40 seconds: heel taps


Touch each heel, making a slight crunch with your abs. Rock from side to side tapping each heel. For more advanced lift yourself up higher.

20 seconds: rest

40 seconds: flutter kicks


Without touching the floor, alternate raising and lowering each leg. For more advanced lower legs.

20 seconds: rest

40 seconds: Russian twists 


Raise legs off floor with slight bend in knee. Twist body side to side. More advanced straighten legs.

20 seconds: rest 

40 seconds: toe touches


Raise legs keeping as straight as possible. Reach toes with hands in bursts. 

Now you can relax! 

Let me know what you think of this workout, if you’re going to give it a go and other workouts you’d like to see. 

Lauren x


What’s in my travel beauty bag….

I’m just packing for a few days away in Stratford Upon Avon, so I thought I’d share what beauty stuff I’m taking with me….

Because I’m only going for a few days I’m trying to condense what i want to take. I’ve narrowed it down to these toiletries…

  • Garnier minerals deodorant – obviously deodorant is a must and this one will be sure not to mark any of my clothes
  • Simple makeup wipes – because I’m only going for a few nights I won’t be wanting to do my whole night skin routine, so makeup wipes are super quick and easy for on the go
  • Simple Face wash – travel size so perfect for travel
  • Gucci guilty perfume – for when I dress up a bit
  • Calvin Klein truth- everyday perfume 
  • Tangle teezer  
  • Razor 
  • No 7 essential moisture- I’ll use this morning and night 
  • Lush yuzu and cocoa shower gel -small and smells yummy
  • Dove colour care shampoo – I’ve recently dyed my hair blonder so this is a must. The conditioner shown is out the garner nutrisse hair dye kit

As well as this I will obviously have my makeup bag with the essentials of what I’ll need. I’ve limited myself to only one shadow palette, and then a small variety of lipsticks and glosses.


I treated myself to having my nails done yesterday, just a paint as my nails are generally in good condition. I had a French manicure so it will go with all my outfits.. And a bit of glitter. I love them and  they were only a fiver. 

I’ve also done a face mask this afternoon that I’ve got out of this months glamour magazine. They have a really good range of free products this month from the balance me range, including a eye cream and body lotion so make sure to run and get yours before they sell out! 

Hope you’re all having a lovely Easter. 

Make sure you stay posted next week as I’ll be starting a five minute workout series to start working those eggs off!

Be sure to comment below any other good travel products. 

Lauren x

My makeup storage…


Hey guys,

So I thought I’d do a quick midweek post on how I store my makeup. Because us girls just love to be nosey! Plus it might give you some ideas.

On my desk I have most of my makeup stored in a plastic makeup storage stand. This was a gift for Christmas but you can get them so cheap in a load of different sizes. The great thing about them is that it allows you to see everything rather than digging around in a makeup bag. Then you don’t forget any lipsticks lurking in the bottom of your bag. I keep my beloved Ted Baker bag for travelling.

This one has different size sections which is great to separate your makeup, and so you can group items together such as liners or lipglosses. It has smaller boxes at the front perfect for lipsticks.

I think this one was from Home Bargins, which probably isn’t somewhere I would’ve thought to look but it does a great job! 

I keep most of my brushes together in the silver holder. Getting bathroom containers meant for toothbrushes is great for this job, and you can get some really pretty ones.

Lastly I also have a storage box.

This is so good for keeping together all my other products such as nail varnish, beauty products or makeup I don’t use often. 

Mine is huge, with four pull out trays but you can get smaller. These are perfect if like me your a student and move around a lot. They sell them everywhere so keep your eyes peeled. 

Anyway that’s enough rambling. Let me know if you have any other storage ideas. 

Lauren x

10 Box Sets you need to have watched…

 So I thought I’d share this post as I am completely obsessed with TV Series and there’s nothing I love more than having a pig out and binge watching endless episodes of the series I’m obsessed with. Now I’m sure you’ve seen or at least heard of most of these but if you haven’t…what are you waiting for! Grab some Ben and Jerrys and join me!

1. Pretty little liars.

I’m not going to say much about this other than I was a bit late to the party and now it’s the best thing I have ever watched. Literally, my obsession is unhealthy… Also think I’m slightly in love with every male character in it…

2. Sex and the city

I’m going to guess most of you haven’t watched these as it was a little before our time. But I got the complete box set before I moved away on placement and I absolutely love it now. Not gunna lie it’s a little rude, so if you’re not prepared for a little nudity maybe give it a miss. But it’s very funny and a girly must see.

3. Vampire diaries 

Hot werewolves, vampires and witches. This show seems to have been going on forever. It’s one that you have to persevere with but at the end of the day you’ll be dying to become a vampire. And it’s a hundred times better than that twilight crap. 

4. How I met your mother

I was gutted when this finished. I still watch it every day on e4. It’s probably my favourite comedy, the story and the characters are all amazing. Love it.

5. Keeping up with the Kardashians

I think this program has the whole “you either love it or hate it” vibe. I used to be on the other side, I could not understand why anyone would watch a family that are famous for nothing… Now I’m desperate for kris Jenner to adopt me. Guilty pleasure.

6. Being Erica

Now I’m almost 100% sure you won’t have heard of this one. It was on e4 a million years ago. Long story short it’s about a woman who gets a new therapist who can send her back in time to redo her mistakes. It’s cute, funny and addictive. 

7. Gossip girl

This show is like the ultimate high school girly show. It’s got that mix of fashion, drama and mystery spot on. If you haven’t already, give it a watch. It’ll make you desperate to marry a rich man in New York. 

8. Friends

No doubt you all know this one. But if you’re one of the very few people that haven’t watched it go and watch it now! I still use quotes from this everyday…

9. Breaking bad

I watched the whole of this in my first year of uni when I had far too much time on my hands and could stay up past 11pm without feeling like a zombie the next day. Anyway, it’s addictive, but one of those shows you need to watch. I didn’t think it would appeal to me, I usually stick to girly comedy. But seriously, it’s amazing.

10. Downton Abbey

I know I probably sound like a 90 year old but I used to love snuggling up with a cup of tea on a Sunday night and watch this with my mom. Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it. There was a suprising amount of drama in the 1920s apparently… 

So that’s it for now! The reason I’m doing this is because I’m finally caving and getting Netflix this weekend so if there’s any shows you can recommend let me know!

Lauren x

Spring everyday makeup look! 

Hi guys!

So I thought I’d share with you a quick and easy makeup look I’ve been loving lately.

I started by moisturising and priming my skin with Rimmel Fix and Protect Primer.

I did my base with my beloved Revlon Colourstay Foundation applying with a real techniques buffing brush. For concealer I used L’oreal True Match Crayon and blended  with my fingers to work it in to the skin. I set my base with Rimmel Stay Matte Powder.

Next I quickly did my brows with my well loved beauty uk brow kit with a small angled brush. At this point I would usually add my rimmel clear brow gel to keep any stray hairs in place.

Next I started with the Khroma Beauty Kim’s kardazzle complete face set. This is from the Kardashion makeup range. I actually picked it up in TKMaxx which usually stocks a lot of their products. I haven’t really used it much since I got it, although now it will be definitely going in my makeup bag. The set contains everything you need, so I started with the bronzer for a subtle contour. I then applied the blush lightly on the apples of my cheeks. Then the highlighter I added to my cheekbones, brow bones and top lip. 

I then took my Makeup Revolution eyeshadow in mocha love. This is only a pound and is always with me. It’s the perfect colour for a quick brush of colour or as a crease transition colour. I added it to my crease. I then took the silver glittery shade from the Khroma pallete and popped it on to my lid. It blends well with the other eyeshadow and is very pigmented. 

I then did a quick little flick with my collection extreme felt tip eyeliner and using a flat brush added a dark black eyeshadow on my bottom lash line. Then it was onto Maybelline Lash sensational mascara.

I then pushed a bit of Rimmel Kate Moss 101 on my lips with my finger and popped on Smashbox lipgloss in coraline.


Let me know what you think of this look, any other products I could try?

Also, I’m still relatively new to the blogging world, and posting is still kind of scary to me as I never know if people will enjoy it. Let me know what you think so far, and anything you’d like to see! Also, drop the link to your blog below and I’ll be sure to check it out!

Lauren x

High end vs highstreet – Revlon Colourstay Foundation 

Hey guys,

So as you might know I finally splashed out on my nars foundation at Christmas, and when it costs a small fortune I didn’t want to use it every day when I’m just going to work or popping into town. So I decided to buy a cheaper alternative, and this revlon one was on offer so I decided to give it a try.

And oh my goodness I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing it is. So much so it’s my new go to foundation, move aside nars!

I think when you fork out so much for something you convince yourself it’s great.

Nars sheer glow:

The colour is pretty spot on tbh, and once on the skin it does look completely natural and matte. Downsides are it takes a fair few pumps to get a decent coverage, it’s not very blendable, and I need to keep powdering the hell out of my forehead to keep it to not resemble a mirror. £31 shade Gobi.

Revlon Colourstay:

The first good thing is that the shade is pretty much identical to my nars. They have a good range of colours. Next, they have two types, one for oily skin one for normal/dry. Which means I don’t need to powder. Honestly, all day and it looks exactly as when I applied it. It doesn’t move! And the coverage is flawless. It’s natural yet pretty full coverage. No cakeyness.

So yeah. I’m sold. And my bank balance will look much better.
If you’re looking to buy a high end foundation, give this a try instead.
It’s available pretty much everywhere and costs around £12 although look out for offers.

Let me know what you think!
Lauren x

Tuesday blues.

  Tuesday’s are worse than Monday’s. Fact. Why? You’re not at the start of the week and you’re  not even half way. 

And today has been one of those days where nothing’s gone drastically bad but you’re still craving bed and endless episodes of pll. 

Do you ever have those days when you’re like whyyyyyy? Why did I get out of bed for this? Why is this person so annoying? Why is it so dark outside its supposed to be bloody March? 

I’m trying to be positive. But I’m stuck on my own on this work placement a lot, and homesick and boyfriend-sick and.. Well you get the picture. I have a serious case of feeling sorry for myself. 

But I’m gunna get in my pajamas, divulge in a box set and grab me a huge block of chocolate on the way home. It’s okay, it’s ab day tomorrow.

If you’re in a Tuesday funk, you’re not alone! I feel your pain! 

What do you do when you need cheering up? 

Here’s to Wednesday! 

Lauren x

My fave lipsticks.

I was pondering over what to post today and I thought, why not stick with what you know. Which is lipsticks…

I do love me a good lipstick. And you’ll notice in the photo above there are no designer lipsticks. I do own a few, ysl and Estée Lauder, but they didn’t make the top picks. Probably because I love popping into superdrug that often to try a million new colours, and my student budget appreciates the low prices. That being said, for how cheap these are they are pretty amazing.

Working left to right:

Rimmel Kate Moss

The first two are ones I’ve included in a recent post, and I can’t emphasise enough how much I love them. I get so many compliments and they are just so easy to wear. Super affordable and easy to get a hold of. Shades 08 and 101.

Collection Lasting Colour

I’d been looking for the perfect brown shade for a while, and I saw this for I think around 3 pound. It’s really creamy and not too dark. I’d say using a lip liner would help in getting more definition as its soft creamy texture wouldn’t quite stay put, but I was definitely happily suprised with this. Shade Rosewood.

Barbra Daley

This is one my mom recently got for me, she obviously knows about my addiction. This range is exclusive to tesco and it was part of a Christmas set that they were selling off. It also contained a crayon and lipstick gloss, all for £1.30. Yep. But it’s such a good colour for me. Slightly red on, which is something different for me. And is quite matte which I also love. Shade stylish.

Makeup Revolution 

Now I probably don’t need to go into detail about how good these are. They’re a pound. A pound! Which is perfect when you don’t feel super guilty buying a million. This is probably my favourite ever lipstick. I love this bold purple plum shade. It compliments my light skin and it perfect to pop on for a night out or when your feeling a bit of boldness. It’s light and glides on easy. Definitely try it. Shade rebel with cause.


Now this is a lipstick I got on holiday in Turkey last year. They don’t currently sell in the uk but they do have shops in lots of other countries, so if your ever on holiday, keep an eye out . But it’s a lovely coral pink and super matte. Shade 207.

Let me know if you’ve tried any, or any others I could add.

Lauren x

Lift like a girl…

So I’ve always been a “fit” person, regularly exercise either running or going to the gym, and more recently yoga. But a few weeks ago I did my first body pump and completely didn’t know what I was getting myself into. The first thing they asked me was how much I lift…. Argh! I can’t even carry my shopping back from tesco! 

So yeah, it killed me. But I also loved it and loved the achy muscles I had the next day, a trophy of my hard work. And I wanted to do more. Weights aren’t all about getting massively muscular. I don’t want to look like the hulk. I just want to be strong and toned and healthy.

But when girls enter the free weight section of the gym, it feels like ‘male territory’. I know it’s ridiculous but I’m sure I’m not the only girl that feels intimidated to step into the “man area”. But one day I just thought… Why the hell should I? I don’t care what anyone else thinks, I’m gunna work out and leave, and probably never see them again.

As well as appearing more toned I think building my strength will help with yoga. For example, I’ve been working on my handstands that require a lot of upper body strength. And I even have lickle baby muscles forming! 

So I think it’s time we kick those boys out and take over the weights. Get hench! 

At the very least it’ll make carrying the shopping back easier…

Let me know what you think…

Lauren x

The emotional stages of getting ready for a night out…

I remember a time when I used to go out like three times a week… Now most weekends I’m sat with a cuppa watching emerdale on catch up. But on the nights I do go out getting ready is the best bit! And if you’re anything like me it goes something like this…

  1. Omg I only have seven hours to get ready I must start right now….
  2. *does mental scan of body to check of all the things that need doing…nails legs tan etc*
  3. I’m just gunna have a quick bath… Comes out two hours later. But at least now there is not one unwanted hair on your body
  4. You put some background music on while you get ready but end up dancing round to Beyoncé in your knickers…
  5. The battle of getting perfectly even streak-free fake tan begins… Then the harder battle of getting it off your hands
  6. You look at the tiny dress you have to fit in and immediately Google foods that won’t cause bloating
  7. The millions of texts sent to your friend… “Are you wearing a coat? What shall we predrink? Is he going? Can I borrow your Mac lipstick?” 
  8. Having a little Facebook/Twitter stalk to see who’s going out
  9. Watches at least 10 YouTube makeup tutorials hoping to nail the Kendal Jenner look…
  10. Crap my eyebrows don’t match
  11. Okay I think I have enough makeup on my face lets just put shit loads of setting spray on so I can’t move my face
  12. Wiggles your dress on just in time for your friend to arrive… Sambucca time! 

As much as I love going out, the getting ready bit is the part I definitely enjoy most. And I’m finally getting a social life this weekend!

Let me know if you agree! 

Lauren x