My Fitness Equipment…

Why get a gym membership when you can have one at home!


Sometimes going to the gym is just too inconvenient. Too expensive. Too much effort.

And besides, you don’t need to pay a fortune and need fancy machines to get a good workout. You just need some space on the floor and some motivation!

The first thing I wanna talk about is my mat. I love it. It’s my happy place. I know its a bit cheesy, but I got it not long after I started yoga last year and was all hyped up about being a new yogi. It’s from TKMaxx, was affordable and does the job perfectly. For yoga you ideally need a thin, sticky mat, but it can be used for all floor exercise.

12512023_10208329897795976_866772386_nI have two pineapple products:

Foam dumbbells, which are handy for toning arms and adding into your workout. Look out on YouTube for dumbbell workouts that will show you numerous ways you can incorporate them. This set comes with a handy manual of exercises to try.

My latest addition is the pilates resistance tubing, which I love. This also comes with instructions, but you can use them in any way you want. They come with three strengths, so you can progress as you get stronger. Also similar to this are the resistance bands, which will help with stretches and toning. Both these products are from TKMaxx. You’ll begin to see my obsession with the place…

Then there’s my little yoga block… Seriously there’s no need to spend loads on these. They’re all just a basic block for helping in yoga, mine was a pound out of primark!

Last but not least is my yoga DVD. This one is by Tara Stiles, and includes 4 DVDs, from beginner routines to nailing every pose. Splashing out on DVDs isn’t necessary though, check out YouTube. Honestly, its free and there’s a video for just about everything. Check out my about me section for my favorite channels.

Let  me know if there’s any equipment you think I should add, or any home workout tips.

Lauren x



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