5 Ways to de-stress


  1. Tea.

I swear by tea. It’s magic. Every time I’ve had a bad day or I’m upset, my family or boyfriend will say “go put your feet up and have a cuppa”. It’s so typically british, but it does make everything a little bit better.

    2.  Books.

This kinda goes hand in hand with number 1. I love nothing better than snuggling down with a good book. Complete bookworm, gimme anything and I will demolish it. And then there’s the ones like Harry Potter that demand to be read a million times…

   3.  Pampering.

I’m such a girl when it comes to this. I have every type of face pack you can imagine. I have lotions and potions for everything, every nail polish colour under the sun. And don’t get me started on bath bombs….

  4. Yoga.

Some days I just want to put me some James Bay on, just chill on my mat. Others I put on a bit of Bieber and sweat it out. Either way I feel great afterwards.

 5. Food.

There are times when a million portions of fruit and veg aren’t hitting the spot. These times require a quick dash to maccies. A call to dominos. A few tubs of ben and jerrys. Pig out. Just maybe hit the gym the next day…

Hope these help make you smile.

Lauren x


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